Tuesday, April 20, 2010


floorp brugnumn difernim
all words to explain ryan

if hitler was alive

do u think he would b good at halo ? do u think he would b good in foot ball ?........hmmm


is siting beside me and sucks because he likes ps3's.............freak


pop rocks


halo c.e halo 2 halo 3 halo odst halo reach



Monday, April 12, 2010


I did this on my iPod¥€€£¥¥€€£¥¥£€£¥¥££€££€

Check it out¥€£¥£€££¥€€¥¥


if u get this text im texting u


elites r bad guys again!

halo reach

as u know halo reach is making is coming out on may 3rd im going to fill in all of the new things that bungie has paked into halo reach including the newy built eliets load outs armor abilities and weapons. ill start off with the newly built eliets. bungie finaly put in some reality into reach the elites not only r they biger than their counter part spartans but they walk at the speeed of a sprinting spartan and they will not us health packs they will just have shields much like halo 3and there
sheilds reacharge alot faster than spartans the elites will still have acsses 2 some of the armor abiliteis but im happy 2 say not every 1 will b switching 2elites because of the spartans vast range 4 armor abilities. now some of these abilites are sprint witch makes a spartan fly! no im kiddin it makes em sprint there are alsomany more like armor lock this ability to make the spartan temporerly invonrible so you can survive splaters rockets and people near the armor lock sufers from a emp blast destroying sheilds and disabling vehicals. next 1 is jet packs this will b very use ful 4 getting into snipeing points but the down side is u r a easy target floating thro the air and u best b ready to fall when the pack runs out of fule. their r 2 more i beleive wich are the barrel roll (elites only!) and active camo. now the new weapons are the plasma reapeater its basicly abetter plasma rifle. if abeam rifle and setinal beam made babys u would get the new focuse rifle bungie says (this weapon will tear thro sheilds and health )but if its any thing like the setinal beam it wont b that powerful the next 1 is the halo nube tube known by bungie (the pro pipe)if u hold the buton after firing u will have the control to detonate the explosive when u let the triger go new ones also include the plasma launcher (lock on ) and the new nedel rifle and the dmr (designated marksmen rifle )aka the battle rifle 1 shot not 3 round burst. all weapons from halo 3 have got a visual upgrade and load outs are weapon packs at the beging of a match and this will definitly kick things up a notch ok well thats about it search New Halo Reach Elites, Load Outs, Armor Abilities, and Weapons: Bungie Explains: Episode 3 on u tube to see a video on this stuff (more discriptof) ok bye

Thursday, April 8, 2010


i like havin breakfeast for lunch and 4 super and i have dislecsia


i like lego

i c u

i like milk


wutz up with obama

do u think im cute

i dream of aworld where every body eats rainbows and poops butter flys